The 2022 USBA Three-Cushion National Championship will be held at 5000 Years Carom Billiards in Morton Grove, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, from September 8 to 11, 2022. The players meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 7 at 7:00 p.m.

The field will consist of a maximum of 42 players. The top four place winners from the 2021 national tournament receive automatic berths. Additionally, each prior champion has a reserved spot. The remaining places will be determined by qualifying tournaments

With 42 players, it is anticipated that there would be preliminary round robin play (likely 6 groups of 7), with 16 players advancing to a single-elimination tournament. If there are fewer players, the round robin play will be reconfigured (for example, 36 players would be 6 groups of 6, 32 players would be 4 groups of 8).

Registration will begin on July 1 via the USBA website. For anyone who plays in a qualifier and does not qualify, the entry fee is $300. A person can also enter directly for $510; however, absent compelling circumstances, players who played in a qualifier have priority over players who did not play in a qualifier.

5000 Years Carom Billiards is owned by Henry Ugartechea, a Chicago native and carom afficionado. Henry was recently seen as the head referee in the finals of the Las Vegas World Cup.

For additional information, including how to run a qualifier, email the USBA at secretary [AT] USBA [DOT] net or call 410 599 8177.

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USBA Has 27 Players in World Cup!

A last-minute cancellation by nine Vietnamese billiard players opened up spots in the Las Vegas World Cup for the USBA to fill via its March 26 qualifying tournament. The cancellation, a result of Visa issues related to Covid-19, enabled the USBA to expand the prize for the March 26 tournament from four to ten inscriptions to the World Cup.

With the additional positions, twenty-seven USBA players have secured the right to play in the World Cup, which begins March 27 and ends on April 2.

Eight USBA Players Qualify

Eight players from the USBA March 25 qualifying tournament for the Las Vegas World Cup have punched their ticket to the big dance.

Leading the way with the best averages were Guillermo Sosa and Chang Pyun, with 0.968 and 0.938 respectively. Carlos Mario Villegas and Young Gull Lee, both from the New York area, posted averages between 0.850 and 0875. The last four qualifiers were Bilal Khalifa, Vicke Pineda, Ertan Tarhan, and Ho Ahn. Each of the eight players won their 4-man round robin mini-tournament.

CLICK HERE for complete result charts.

The UMB has drawn the groups for the March 27 to April 2 World Cup in Las Vegas.  The groups, player list, and timetable can be found on the UMB website ( under the Active Events tab.  Twenty-two (22) USBA players will participate in the World Cup.
The Las Vegas World Cup, sponsored by Predator, will be held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Per the UMB rules, Predator has selected Pedro Piedrabuena and Hugo Patiño as its wildcard entries into the 1/16 main tournament round at the World Cup. Piedrabuena won his 10th national championship crown in December 2021, and Patiño is a four-time USA title holder.
Joining Piedrabuena and Patiño in the World Cup are twenty (20) other USBA enthusiasts. Ten (10) USBA players have been placed into the groups per the UMB rules. Tae Kyu Lee and Miguel Torres, based on their world rankings, were placed into the PQ round. Lee won the 2020 US national tournament and finished second in the 2021 nationals. Torres has won the US national tournament twice. Five (5) USBA players, based on their finish in the 2021 US National tournament, have been placed into the PPQ round: Young Kyu Lee, Edward Gomez, John Park, Kang Lee, and Eric Kwon. Raymond Groot, who was selected by the USBA, has also been placed in the PPQ round. Mazin Shooni and Frank Torres, each a former national champion chosen by the USBA to participate in the World Cup, have been placed in the PPPQ round.
Ten (10) spots remain to be chosen for USBA entries into the World Cup. Eight (8) will be chosen on March 25 in a qualifier, and the other two (2) will be determined on March 26 in a second qualifier. The following USBA players are entered into the March 25 qualifier.


Mario Garcia
Quoc Vo
Seungkwon Hong
Raye Raskin
Ricardo Carranco
Jesus Corona
Ertan Tarhan
Carlos Villegas
Jorge Hernan John Patarroyo
Andres Fernandez
Jose Pelayo
Andres Mora
Vicke Pineda
Jairo Lenis
Zoel A Kehrt Matta
Camilo Medina
Chang Pyun
Jose Cruz
Julian Banol Molina
Ahmet Ozan
Jay Karahan
Ricky Carranco Sr.
Young Gul Lee
Henry Ugartechea
Guillermo Alejandro Sosa
Jovanny Caballos
Elmer Meza
Jose Delatorre
Ho Ahn
Bilal Khalifa
Olegario Gonzalez
Trinidad Espinosa


These thirty-two (32) players will be drawn into 8 groups of 4, with the winner of each group qualifying. On March 26, there will be a single elimination bracket to determine the final two (2) qualifiers. The players will play in a single-elimination bracket, with the two (2) finalists earning spots in the World Cup. SOME SPOTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR THE MARCH 26 QUALIFIER. REGISTER ON THE USBA WEBSITE.

For any questions about the USBA qualifiers for the World Cup, or for the World Cup, call 410 599 8177.