Thanks Pencil200X102A Letter to the USBA and its Members

I remember many years ago following a 3 Cushion National Championship tournament I felt inclined to pen a letter to the then tournament director out of appreciation for a job well done.
I am moved today to do something similar.

The 2017 version of the 3 Cushion National Championship has just concluded at the Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona. What a setting!! There were 35 players, a few spectators and a dedicated group of USBA enthusiasts running the show. The staff at the Del Sol Resort was magnificently accommodating and much credit must go to their CFO Paul Feltman Jr. who by the way has upped his 3 cushion prowess and will be a force in upcoming events.

It takes many people to coordinate and make a success of an event of this size and stature, but I’d be remiss if I were not to acknowledge and show my personal appreciation to the one person who truly is responsible for the entire concept to come to fruition. That would be the USBA’s current President, Mazin Shooni. Together with Paul Feltman Jr, they had a dream. They had to have worked tirelessly to make that first week of tournaments happen in January of 2017 and then push through the all the challenges and continue on with their desire to give the National Championship a fitting setting and stage. And succeed they did.

New equipment, excellent lighting, comfortable and elegant surroundings, amenities galore at one’s fingertips, relatively inexpensive hotel accommodations, exemplary service and a week of ease and comfort where all a player had to do was play.

My experience tells me that every tournament has its detractors. And although they were present here, they were considerably outnumbered by appreciative happy players.

The 2017 Nationals had its drawbacks, but every tournament has a glitch or two. This was the first in this setting and I’m totally confident that Mazin Shooni will welcome feedback and input from players and combine it with what he knows to make the 2018 version of the National Championship that much better.

So a sincere ‘thank you’ to Mazin Shooni, Paul Feltman Jr and all the other people involved in making this event a welcoming and successful one. I and many others I assure you, look forward to the 2018 National Championship.