Attention Room Owners!

Your chance to host the 2019 USBA 3-Cushion National Championship!

The USBA has held its national championshop tournament at the Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona for the last two years. The board has decided to give one lucky billiard room owner a chance to hold this presitigous event in 2019. If you are interested in learning more about how you can have the country's best 3-cushion players come to your city to compete for the title of 2019 USBA National Champion please contact Mazin Shooni by phone 248-910-4466 or email .


What's the Buzz? The Players Scheduled for the "B" Championship

List of EXPECTED players!

The official list is managed by Andy Janquitto, treasurer. A player's entry is official only if their entry fee, administrative fee and membership are paid in full.

Any questions? To send an email to click here!

Confirmed Players Up to 64 can enter!  Enter today!
 1 David Gross  2 Paul Frankel  3 Tom Rossman
 4 Eric Hughes  5 Allen Castillo  6 Joseph Deamato
 7 Raymant Tower  8 Paul Feltman Sr  9 Paul Feltman Jr
10 Jim Shovak 11 Brian Haff 12 Gary Eake
13 Dat Nguyen 14 Tung Nguyen 15 Lee Collins
16 Suad Kantarevic 17 Craig Powers 18 Bob Page
19 Chris Carpenter 20 Ertan Tarhan 21 John Fleming
22 Luis Carranza  23 Martin Terrazas 24 Carlos Bazo
25 Berkay Keskin 26 Aaron Moss 27 Ergun Tuna
28 Scott Lessmann 29 Ahmet Ozan 30 Toshi Moriguchi
31 Dan Louie 32 Jum Henrickson 33 Danny Kolacz
34 Bob Keller 35 Ken Holstrom 36 Ramses Velinden
37 Chris Czaja 38 Eduardo Cervantes 39 John H Guldali
40 Tony Ferrara 41 Bob Ferrara 42 John Smith
43 Ellis Kane III 44 Richard Rice 45 Douglas Scott Hewitt
46 Rodney Thompson 47 Alpay Bicer 48 James Richard
49 Mike Miller 50 Raye Raskin 51 Jim Bishop
52 William McGavis 53 Bernie Pettipiece 54 Mark Sullivan
55 Hector Ocampo 56 Timoteo Moreno 57 Carlos Ramirez
58 Neal Olson 59 Tom Handley 60 Chuck Evans
61 Mark Hansen 62 Ray Robles 63 

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