Rankings, Levels and Handicaps

The USBA has several ways to measure and track our players' performance.

The USBA Ranking System measures the success of active players across all levels. Players compete in ranking events and receive rankings points with a rolling 12-month total. Every year a player is crowned the ranking champion at their designated level based on the total points accumulated in tournament play through December 31. More complete explanation of the Ranking system can be found in the article that follows.

The USBA Player Levels track a player's individual overall performance based on innings at the table and billiards scored. Official player levels are assigned by the USBA Rankings Committee taking into account actual tournament play and other factors including personal observation of skills similar to other sports such as in Tennis. Periodically the Board of Directors adjusts the player levels assignments based on the changing skill level of the players and actual tournament results. The latest official player levels can be found in the article that follows.

The USBA Official Handicaps have been instituted to attract more players to tournament play. The USBA has developed Officiall Handicap levels and an established protocol for USBA Handicap tournaments. The latest official handicaps can be found in the article that follows.

The rankings represent player performance and participation over the past 12 months. Not all tournaments have averages kept. Bear this in mind if you see a player's average listed. It is not necessarily a true average and only represents events over the past 12 months where averages were actually kept. The player's average listed DOES NOT NECESSARILY INDICATE THE PLAYER'S LEVEL OF ABILITY!

Starting in February of 2012, only a player's best-five performances within the past 12 months are counted in the rankings.

If a tournament shows a player with "0" ranking points, it means that the player was NOT a current USBA Member when they played in the tournament.

Player Rankings as of 4/30/2014

Included Tournaments as of 4/30/2014

NEW Official Player Levels for Tournament Play in effect as of February 2013

Beginning February 5, 2013 all USBA tournaments will be able to restrict players based on their Official Player level as determined by tournament play and the USBA rankings committee. Here are the new player levels:

.900 average and higher = A level 
.700-.899 average = B+ level 
.550-.699 average = B level 
.400-.549 average = C+ level 
.399 average and below = C level

Official Handicaps Established for Tournament Play in effect as of February 2013

The USBA has established official handicaps for various player levels that will be used in handicap tournaments scheduled after February 19, 2013.

In handicap tournaments, the following levels and points will apply:

"A" players go to 30 points (100%)
"B+" players go to 25 points (83.3%)
"B" players go to 21 points (70%)
"C+" players go to 17 points (56.6%)
"C" players go to 15 points (50%)

New Ranking System in effect as of April 2013

Below is the current UMB (World Governing Body of Carom Billiards) Ranking System

The first column that says "1" is the number of ranking points given by the UMB to the first place finisher of the tournament. 120 points for the World Championship winner, 80 points for the winner of Confederal Championships such as the CPB Pan American Championship (PAC) and also 80 points for World Cup winners. 30 points is given for the winner of every country's Nationals.