And New Cloth and Ball Reimbursement Program

Old Billiard Room that could use new cloth and ballsNew Room Memberships and Benefits for Room Owners:

The USBA Board of Directors has established New Room Memberships including new benefits for Room Owners. There are now 2 types of Room Memberships: Premium and Standard. Some of the benefits that are given to Premium and Standard Room Members include the following:

  • Room Membership prices on all Simonis pool and carom cloth, Aramith pool and carom balls, Tiger Cues, tips and accessories, Accu-Stats DVD’s and anything else that is sold through the USBA. Room Member prices are the lowest prices you can get, bar none, and are not available to the public or to non-Room Members. To find out prices and details, contact Mazin Shooni at 248-910-4466 or MazinShooni [AT] yahoo [DOT] com or you can contact Jim Shovak at 516-238-6193 or JimShovak [AT] usba [DOT] net
  • The USBA will donate a Tiger Carom Cue (MSRP $389) to the Room for USBA Tournaments held in the room based on the Room Member requirements and stipulations.
  • For any Qualifiers, the room is eligible for carom cloth or carom ball reimbursement as per the USBA Cloth Reimbursement and Carom Ball Reimbursement program.
  • Premium Room Members are eligible to hold USBA TOUR EVENTS in their room where a large amount of money is added to the prize fund by the TOUR Sponsors, up to 10 Simonis 300 carom cloths are donated to the room and a Tiger Cue and trophies are also donated.
  • Room Members will be indicated as such on the USBA website and also in the “Places to Play” section of Professor-Q-Ball publication (10,000 circulation).

Become a USBA ROOM MEMBER Now and Save Big!

For complete details on the Room Membership Program Click Here!


Super Aramith Pro Cup BallsNew Carom Ball Reimbursement to Rooms that Hold Qualifiers:

The USBA Board of Directors has established the addition of a carom ball reimbursement policy for Qualifiers as an alternative to the current cloth reimbursement policy as follows:
As an alternative to the Cloth Reimbursement, we will have a Carom Ball Reimbursement available as well. This would not be extra; it would be an alternative in case the room does not want the cloth reimbursement.

The same rules will apply for the carom ball reimbursement as does for the cloth reimbursement. The room purchases new sets of balls from the USBA for a Qualifier. The USBA reimburses the room for one set of carom balls for each table used at the Qualifier as long as there are 5 players in the Qualifier for each table in accordance to the rules of the cloth reimbursement policy.

For more details on cloth and caron reimbursements click here