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The dates for the 2019 USBA 3-Cushion National Championship are changing.

We have just been notified of a conflict with the Pan American Championship. Since the USBA always sends its champion to compete in our confederation event, and possibly qualify for the World Championship, we are working to find a new date that will not conflict with the official CPB event and give our players a chance to perform on the International stage.

The room will be the same: US Bida in Houston, Texas. The new dates will be posted here. Please check back.

Click to see more about US Bida.

Qualifier events will continue to be scheduled. See schedule of confirmed dates below and in our Tournament Info calendar section.


The 2019 USBA Leadership Team

The USBA is currently under the leadership of a three-member executive board: consisting of Doug Deitel of Texas, Jay Karahan of Texas and Andy Janquitto of Maryland. Their contact information can be found at on the Leadership Page. The executive board will guide the USBA as it plans and conducts the Three-Cushion National Championship Tournament this June in Houston, Texas.

USBA 3-Cushion National Championship - Confirmed Players

Players entered in the 2019 Champioship

The top four finishers from 2018 are invited to return. Players who win a qualifier receive a paid entry to the tournament. Players who compete in but do not win a qualifier may enter the event for a reduced entry fee of $300. All other USBA members may enter and play in the national championship by paying the standard entry fee of $500. The event will be held at US Bida in Houston, Texas. US BIda has eight Verhoeven tables and can easily accommodate a large fieldd of 48 players or more!

1 Miguel Torres 2 Pedro Piedrabuena 3 Hugo Patino
4 Frank Torres 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18
19 20 21
22 23 24


As the list fills up the Tournament Director may cut off entries and create a wait list. Please enter as early as you can to ensure a spot!

To enter the event, or for any questions, please contact Andy Janquitto - CLICK HERE!




How to hold a USBA National Qualifier Event

To hold a National Qualifier, you must have the following information: (PDF)

-List of Members who are Current on their Dues (Contact the USBA from this web link)
-Qualifier Instructions
-USBA Membership Application
-National Qualifier Summary Form

Please also read and print out the following instructions:

“Rules and Guidelines for Running USBA Tournaments”.

 To learn how to actually run a Tournament from start to finish, click here.

 These helpful forms are available if you need them:

-Score Sheets (using score keepers)
-Preliminary Score Sheets (no score keepers)
-10 Games at a time Score Sheets for Prelims

 Help build membership for the USBA at your event. Here is a sample flyer you can use:

-USBA Membership Advertisement 

 If you wish to provide tax information regarding players winnings, you can use the following helpful tips:

-Billiard Tax Packet
-Billiard Tax Packet-Spanish version

Other helpful Subjects:

Prize Money Tutorial

Flyers for your room (PDF)


Player's Meeting

Clipboards, Pens, Trophies, Raffles