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2021 USBA National Championship Tournament - UPDATE!

The USBA had originally planned to hold the 2021 Three-Cushion National Championship Tournament in February. Covid-19 has changed those plans. Given the uncertainty of the next four months, the USBA has decided that, if the 2021 tournament is held, it will be held in the fall of 2021.

The USBA will continue to monitor the situation and plans to make another announcement in early 2021. International events on the UMB calendar have been cancelled for the rest of this year and for the first three-weeks in January. Like all sports organizations, the USBA hopes that there will be a return to normality in the spring of 2021 and that we will be able to plot a course toward a national championship as soon as the future becomes more predictable.

One more change players and organizers need to be aware of. The USBA is suspending its matching funds tournament program until further notice. The sponsor of the program has indicated that the program should be suspended until vaccines or therapeutics against covid infection are developed. Of course the USBA will report here of any changes as they occur.

In the meantime we encourage all visitors to continue to support 3-cushion billiards. Some local rooms have been holding events and some of the more well-known regional events are coming back to the calendar. One way you can help is to join the USBA, renew your membership, or make a donation to the organization (links on this page.)

Thanks to all our loyal members, sponsors and supporters.



The official World Records in various three cushion categories:

Best single game in matches played to 40 points -
Frederic Caudron (1997, v Willems), 40 in 6
Frederic Caudron (2006, v de Backer) 40 in 6
Marco Zanetti (2014, v Fasciana) 40 in 6
Best single game in matches played to 50 points -
Eddie Merckx (2011, v In Won Kang) 50 in 6
Best single game in matches played to 60 points -
Torbjorn Blomdahl (1996, v Ceulemans) 60 in 15
Best combined result in matches played to 15 point sets -
Dick Jaspers (2008, v Blomdahl) 45 in 8.
Best overall tournament average with matches played to 40 points -
Torbjorn Blomdahl (2013, Suwon 2.739)
Best overall tournament average with matches played to 50 points -
Dick Jaspers (2012, Monaco 2.622)
Best overall tournament average with matches played to 15 point sets -
Frederic Caudron (2011, Vienna 2.420)
World record for high run -
Junichi Komori 1993 - 28
Raymond Ceulemans 1998 - 28
Roland Forthomme 2012 - 28
Frederic Caudron 2013 - 28


These are the world records in our sport. Everything else is unofficial, un-refereed, undocumented or pure myth. Thanks to billiard writer and enthusiast Bert Van Manen for compiling these stats.


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