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clarion hotel logo200X188Clarion Inn & Suites Sponsors USBA Nationals

The USBA is proud to announce that Clarion Inn & Suites of Houston Texas is a sponsor of the 2019 USBA National Championship, May16-19 at US Bida/Billiards. The Clarion has reserved a block of rooms with two beds for double occupancy at a rate of only $50/night plus tax. Players may arrive on May 15 to make the player's meeting.

The hotel is less than 3 miles from the tournament site - a short 5-10 minute ride. Here are the hotel details:

Clarion Inn & Suites 
2930 W Sam Houston Pkwy S
Houston TX 77042
(713) 785-3899

When calling for reservations, mention the USBA Championship and use the code USBA 3C to enjoy the special tournament rate. Please make your reservation before May 1st as rooms are limited. Much thanks to owner Daniel Yeh and General Manager Laura Rodriguez for their generous support.

USBA 3-Cushion National Championship - Confirmed Players

Players entered in the 2019 Champioship

The top four finishers from 2018 are invited to return. Players who win a qualifier receive a paid entry to the tournament (denoted by the letter "Q" following their name.) Players who compete in but do not win a qualifier may enter the event for a reduced entry fee of $300. All other USBA members may enter and play in the national championship by paying the standard entry fee of $500. The event will be held at US Bida in Houston, Texas. US BIda has eight Verhoeven tables and can easily accommodate a large field of 48 players or more!

1 Miguel Torres 2 Pedro Piedrabuena 3 Hugo Patino
4 Frank Torres 5 Reserved 6 Reserved
7 Reserved 8 Reserved 9 Eric Kwon
10 Tae Kyu Lee (Q) 11 Tae Yeon Hwang 12 Sang Jin Lee (Q)
13 Chris Carpenter 14 Tung Nguyen 15 Young Gull Lee (Q)
16 Lloyd Wallaace (q) 17 Michael Kang (q) 18 Edward Gomez (q)
19 Cong Nguyen (Q) 20 Dung Nguyen (Q) 21 John Nguyen
22 Joel Rivera (q) 23 Thanh Vu 24 Khang Nguyen
25 Kha Vo (r) 26 Richard Ton (r) 27 Tony Nguyen (r)
28 Patrick Tran (r) 29 Kim Hoang (r) 30 Quyen Nguyen (r)
31 Vu Nguyen (r) 32 Kang Lee (Q) 33 Julian Molina (Q)
34 Tommy Park (Q) 35 Victor Cuzzi (Q) 36 Ka Lee (Q)
37 Jose Blanco 38 Kiet Nguyen (R) 39 Thai Pham (R)
40 Allen Castillo (Q) 41 Andres Fernandez 42 Neal Olson (Q)
43 Ertan Tarhan (Q) 44 Ahmet Ozan (R) 45 Jairo Lenis
46 Baldomero Tejeda (R) 47 Camillo Medina (R) 48 


As the list fills up the Tournament Director may cut off entries and create a wait list. Please enter as early as you can to ensure a spot!

To enter the event, or for any questions, please contact Andy Janquitto - CLICK HERE!





The official World Records in various three cushion categories:

Best single game in matches played to 40 points -
Frederic Caudron (1997, v Willems), 40 in 6
Frederic Caudron (2006, v de Backer) 40 in 6
Marco Zanetti (2014, v Fasciana) 40 in 6
Best single game in matches played to 50 points -
Eddie Merckx (2011, v In Won Kang) 50 in 6
Best single game in matches played to 60 points -
Torbjorn Blomdahl (1996, v Ceulemans) 60 in 15
Best combined result in matches played to 15 point sets -
Dick Jaspers (2008, v Blomdahl) 45 in 8.
Best overall tournament average with matches played to 40 points -
Torbjorn Blomdahl (2013, Suwon 2.739)
Best overall tournament average with matches played to 50 points -
Dick Jaspers (2012, Monaco 2.622)
Best overall tournament average with matches played to 15 point sets -
Frederic Caudron (2011, Vienna 2.420)
World record for high run -
Junichi Komori 1993 - 28
Raymond Ceulemans 1998 - 28
Roland Forthomme 2012 - 28
Frederic Caudron 2013 - 28


These are the world records in our sport. Everything else is unofficial, un-refereed, undocumented or pure myth. Thanks to billiard writer and enthusiast Bert Van Manen for compiling these stats.