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The USBA four-year election cycle is upon us. All 7 positions on the Board of Directors are open for election. The new board, once elected, will select one of the board members to be the President and Chairman of the Board.

The nomination period begins on May 1, 2022 and runs until and including May 31, 2022.

Board membership requires participation in policy-making decisions, promotional efforts, sponsorship efforts, tournament planning and more. Directors must be USBA members in good standing. If you are interested or would like to nominate a worthy member, please provide the following information in an email to secretary [AT] usba [DOT] net


  • Nominee Name:
  • Nominee Contact Information (phone or email)
  • Your Name (if different):
  • If you are not the Nominee, is the
  • Nominee aware that you have proposed his/her name?


The person making the nomination must identify himself or herself in the email. There are no anonymous nominations.

A person making a nomination must be a member in good standing of the USBA at the time he or she makes the nomination.

A person being nominated must be a member in good standing of the USBA at the time he or she is nominated.

Membership status can be checked on the website in the Members Area. If you cannot log in to the Members Area, most likely your membership is not valid. Any questions about membership should be directed to secretary [AT] usba [DOT] net.

A member may nominate no more than 7 persons. If a member nominates more than 7 persons, only the first 7 listed or made will be counted.

The USBA Secretary will review all nominations immediately after the nomination period to determine whether the nomination was proper and timely. A Nominee must agree to run as a candidate.

After the nomination period, the Board of Directors will establish the rules for the election, which will occur later this year. It is currently anticipated that the election will occur digitally beginning July 1, 2022. All USBA members in good standing on that date are eligible to vote.


Straight Rail - Balkline - One-Cushion - Five Ball

The United States Billiard Association supports all forms of carom billiards here in the U.S. 

In this section you can learn more about some of these important and historic games, still played today at world class levels in many countries.

Before there was three cushion billiards there was an evolution of several different forms of carom games. Each has its own history and skills that make it fun and challenging. Many three-cushion players will tell you that mastery of the "small game" can lead to improvements in your three-cushion game.

Learn more in each section here:

Straight Rail - also known as free game is perhaps the simplest to understand, yet challanging to master. 

Balkline - played in four variations, balkline stepped up the skills of players who had mastered the free game.

One-Cushion - earlier known as cushion caroms was the modern pre-cursor to three cushion billiards.

Five Ball - A new and exciting game introduced in 2016 that enables young and old to play and have fun on a carom table.

Rules of Carom Games - For those who may not be familiar with the rules assiciated with these other variations we provide the official UMB rules and other related information.


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